About Us

Top of the Line Catering is a full-time catering service that was started in 2001.  Its owner, Sharon L. Rathbun has over 25 years of experience in the Culinary Arts.  She has degrees in Restaurant Management and Culinary Arts.  Top of the Line Catering can cater any size event; from 20 to 600 or more. 
We specialize in wedding receptions, rehersal dinners, company picnics, business functions, birthday parties, etc.  Request Top of the Line Catering for your next event for a Top of the Line experience!
At Top of the Line we not only serve you top quality food but  
                        also offer top quality service. 
                    ~ We offer at no extra charge to you ~

*  Over 25 years of culinary expertise
*  Catering professionals for your special event
*  Friendly, helpful staff in clean, crisp uniforms
*  Only the freshest food
*  Unlimited Menu Items for you to choose from
*  Real Homemade food such as homeade meatballs, croutons, mashed potatoes, etc.
*  Lighting of any candles at the event
*  Champagne pouring to all guests (wine can be put in buckets if provided) (We card anyone not  
    looking 21) 
*  White table linens and white skirting for the buffet area
*  White table linens and white skirting for Horsd'oeuve and cake area (if we are providing these
*  Replenishing of any of your platters of cookies, etc. that you have provided
*  Mixing of any hot or cold beverages for you (non-alcoholic) that you have provided (punch, etc.)
*  Pitchers of ice water and glasses
*  Coffe, tea, creamers, sugars, disposable coffe cups
*  Disposable plates, silverware, napkins for buffet
*  Disposable plates, etc. for any horsd'oeuvres & cake (If we provide these items)
*  All condiments
*  Salt & Pepper packets
*  Dinner rolls and butter
*  We will serve ice water and coffee to your guests during the event if requested
*  We will serve the guests of honor their food if requested
*  We provide punch bowls and punch cups (also cups for ice tea, lemonade, etc.)
*  We provide chafers and sternos (heating fuel) to keep your food at the proper temperatures
*  Cutting and serving of desserts (wedding cake, etc.)
*  Provide a cake box for storage of wedding cake for the future...(Provided if we make the cake)
*  Clean up of guests tableware (as the event is still going on...)
*  Rinsing and stacking of any real china and silverware
*  We provide containers for leftovers and put all leftovers in labeled containers for you

 ***All of the above is provided FREE of charge***  

                                We also provide for FREE Memories to last a lifetime!! 

Call today for a free, no obligation consultation

Top of the Line Catering
Sharon L. Rathbun
PO Box 1006
Bradford, PA 16701
(814) 362-1588

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